Harsien Patrimonju Mosti


The above photo shows an ex-military compound which was one of the Anti-Aircraft batteries on the heights aimed at defending the Royal Air Force base and runways in nearby Ta' Qali.

The site has now been abandoned for several years, after being used as a chicken farm, and has now become a target of vandals and illegal dumping area.

HPM has put in a bid with the Mosta Local Council for this interesting site to be devolved to our organisation, in order to save, restore and manage this part of our heritage.

A detailed business plan was submitted last May, following verbal declarations of our intentions, to transform this site into a military history centre and museum, as well as a historical interpretation and re-enactment venue.

HPM, in collaboration with a number of other organisations has at hand all the resources necessary to carry out this project and could have it up and running in a relatively short time, unless further damage due to erosion and neglect are allowed to take place.

A reminder was sent to the council in July 2012, but no feedback about our proposal has yet been received to date. (Mid-August 2012).

We hope our bid is taken seriously and this site restored to its original state and function, albeit to educate and inform, rather than to serve as a defensive post.

Considering the underestimated role of Mosta in World War II, and the general lack of heritage, tourism and educational sites in the area, HPM considers this an important project which would be to the better benefit of all.

Excepts from our proposal may be seen below: