Harsien Patrimonju Mosti


NT would like to object to this new application, in line with its former objections concerning this site.

We would like to point out that due to the location, features, and several points of law, such a development remains unacceptable.

Such sites, especially at Wied il-Ghasel should be preserved and not built over.

Despite its importance from many perspectives, we feel that not enough is being done to limit harm and protect this valley.

Taking into consideration the extensive damage Wied il-Ghasel has undergone, due to insensitive planning, illegal dumping, the absurd location of an industrial zone on one of its ridges and other factors, further developments, especially on a large scale, can only worsen, and surely not improve matters.

This development application should be refused, as should have been any others before it, for it goes against the very spirit of environmental planning and logic.

Mosta has become a very densely populated town, booming with civil and commercial activity. Many of the fields and several open spaces, plots, some large gardens have been consumed by buildings over the past 2 decades.

The site in question is one of the last remaining enclaves, complete with an interesting array of ecological, geomorphological, and rural assets, situated within the town.

In previous evaluations, MEPA's own case officers have determined that the large project being proposed here would constitute over-development as well as bad neighbourhoodliness.

Considering the town population density and the pressure this has exerted both on the original population as well as in terms of nature, health, logistics and more, such a development could only add further to the said pressure.

Aside from this, one has also to consider that there are several vacant properties and apartments throughout town.

If further development is necessary in Mosta, it should relate to improving and upgrading, and not further useless extensions to the infrastructure, especially in the valley area, it being the most sensitive and perhaps the most important asset, within this town.

We appeal to this authority to set up or enforce effective buffer zones and to reject any applications that shall consume the little that remains, of Mosta's green spots and the valley centre.  

This particular site is in itself an important buffer zone to the valley watercourse itself, the tree reserve, as well as an integral part of the valley.

This valley is internationally recognized and listed as a protected area, and these fields are part of the ridge at the very centre of the protected zone. They are also listed, in their greater part as an ecological constraints area, and are also partly ODZ.  Although not all the site falls under this constraints area and is proposed development may not be ODZ,  the portion of land that remains should be preserved, due to it being part of the whole, and as not to bring the building line closer to the watercourse than it already is.
We are therefore asking the authority to extend its protection, and apply all the relevant laws and regulations within the Central Plan and subsidiary legislation, as to ensure that this site is given the importance and recognition it merits, and hence for it to be preserved.  
We believe that this permit should be refused and would like to object to the building of any structure on this site.

 Case Officer - Nature Trust (Malta)