Harsien Patrimonju Mosti


Targa Battery is a British Military installation dating from the late 1800s and one of the hubs in the Victoria Wall defense system. This site was partly cleaned in May 2012, upon an initiative by the Mosta Local Council.

HPM was glad to know that the battery was being devolved to the scouts, however submitted an official request to reach an agreement with both the council and all 3rd parties concerned, in order for the Scouts to have full use and control of the battery, but for HPM to hold regular re-enactment training there and to organise historical interpretation activities within.

This would make the Battery more accessible to the general public and could help raise funds for eventual maintenance of the battery itself, for the scouting movement, and also for HPM which operates entirely on a voluntary basis.

An event held there organised by the Local Council, proved to be very successful and also showed that our proposals were viable and valid, and that things could work out well to the benefit of all concerned.

In July, a reminder was sent to the council to determine what was going on at higher levels, and we were informed that as such, the administrative rights of the site had not yet been passed on to the said council, and hence it was still premature to consider our proposal or draw any conclusions over it.

At the time of writing (mid-August), the situation remains unchanged, and a number of visits to the Battery area by our officials have shown that since the initial clean-up, no further cleaning or restoration works have been carried out at this site.

HPM hopes that works resume soon, and that our proposals are eventually accepted and implemented.