Harsien Patrimonju Mosti


Mosta was originally an extension of the Mdina Parish, before being re-assigned to the newly founded Naxxar Parish in 1436. In a report of his Pastoral visit in 1575, Monseigneur Dusina refers to Mosta as a parish, but this status was only officially proclaimed in 1608. This called for the immediate building a new church on the plans drawn by Tommaso Dingli.
It was officially consecrated by Bishop Pellerano on the 7th April, 1744. By the 1830s Dingli's church was no longer adequate for the growing Mosta population, so a much larger project was conceived, that of the Rotunda.

Rotunda Church

Knejjes u Kappelel (Sta Margerita, San Silvestru, San Anard, San Pawl l-Eremita, Sant’ Andrija, u Ohrajn 
Statwi u Nicec
Kazini tal-Banda u Ghaqdiet tan-Nar

Some chapels are situated in the valley itself and two have an interesting legend tied to their origins. 
Speranza (Hope) Chapel, was built between 1760 and 1761. 

The story concerns a young girl and her sisters tending their family's sheep who suddenly found themselves in danger when an advance party from a Turkish incursion came their way. Such raids were  not uncommon and all caught were either taken into slavery or killed. 

Whilst the sisters escaped, the little girl couldn't run very fast due to a limp. It is said that she hid in a cave (now situated under the Chapel, on its left side), and that she prayed to Our Lady and vowed she would build a chapel on the spot if she was spared.

Several spiders started weaving webs over the opening of the cave. When the chasing Turks came across the cave they noticed the webs across the entrance and determined that had the girl hidden herself there, the web would not intact, and sped on. The girl then raised funds to build the chapel and fulfill her vow. 

Another popular folktale concerns the legend of a Mosta Bride (L-Gharusa tal-Mosta). A public garden annexed to what was formerly the Malta Civil Defence School & HQ bears this name. The buildings now house the Art & Design (Post-secondry) College, (MCAST).